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Come join us for a memorable lunch or dinner experience at Kingston Ontario's oldest & best known Indian restaurant. We look forward to sharing our unique dishes with you in our relaxed dining room or preparing your meal to go so you can take the Darbar experience home! **Delivery included over $50 (excluding hst). Please advise us when ordering of any allergies or intolerances, or special dietary needs.

*Each lunch special includes a full meal of soup, vegetables, rice, salad and dessert
Mixed Vegetables - An assortment of curried vegetables, cooked to your taste - mild, medium or hot. ~9
Chicken Korma - A very mild curry, cooked with cream, almonds, raisins and coconut. ~10
Aloo Gosht - Beef curry cooked with cubes of potatoes. Spiced to your choice. ~10
Lamb And Mushroom - A moderately spiced lamb dish cooked with mushrooms in a thick sauce. ~11
Shrimp Bhoona - Fresh shrimp cooked with extra onion, tomato and green pepper. ~11.5
Naan - Soft oval bread, baked fresh to order in our Tandoor. A must to your meal ~ 3
Garlic Naan- Fresh garlic chopped and scattered on bread, & baked on the walls of the tandoor ~ 3.75
Chapati - A bread made from unleavened dough of whole wheat organic flour. Thin and baked ~ 2.5
Paratha - Organic whole wheat bread layered into a thick disk, fried in clarified butter, crispy & flaky ~ 5

Darbar Rice - The best quality basmati rice cooked with saffron, cream, garlic, ginger and clarified butter ~ 4
Peas Palao - Basmati rice w/green peas, coconut and spices ~6.5
Palao Rice - Basmati rice cooked with whole cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, bay leaves and clarified butter. Garnished with fried onion ~ 3.75
Boiled Rice - Long grain cooked rice ~ 3
Dahi - Homemade natural yogurt ~ 2.25
Cucumber Raita -Grated cucumber w/ spices & homemade yogurt ~3
Onion Salad - Traditional accompaniment to hot curries: - diced tomato, cucumber, onions, coriander, and lemon juice ~ 3.15
Aachar - Hot and sour flavour. Lime or Mango ~ 2
Mango Chutney - Sweet and sour mango chutney from India ~ 2
Hot Sauce -Habanero pepper, lemon, ginger, salt, vinegar & oil ~ 1.75
Mulligatawny - A traditional Anglo-Indian spicy soup of chicken broth, lentils, vegetables and fresh lemon ~ 3.5
Daal Soup - A vegetarian soup with lentils and lemon juice ~ 3
Our Chef’s Special Soup - This soup is specially prepared by our chef from a family recipe. Homemade cheese, leaf-spinach, chicken broth and exotic spices are only a part of this taste sensation ~ 4

Papadum - Thin, fried-crispy wafer made from ground lentils ~ 1
Onion Bhaji -Thinly sliced onions seasoned with mild spices, battered in lentils and deep-fried (8 pc) ~ 5
Vegetable Pakura - An assortment of vegetables chopped and spiced, battered in lentils and deep-fried (8 pc) ~ 5
Seekh Kebab - Lean ground beef marinated with ground spices, cooked in the Tandoor. Served on greens (2 pc) ~ 5.5
Vegetable Samosa - Moderately spiced selected vegetables stuffed into a thin triangular pastry and deep-fried (2 pc) ~ 5.5
Shami Kebab - Spiced lean ground beef and split peas, cooked then deep-fried and served on greens (2 pc) ~ 5.5
Appetizer Platter - Assortment of Samosa(1), Pakura (2), Onion Bhaji (2) and Sheekh Kebab (1), Shami Kebab (1) served on greens ~ 10.5
Curry - Our curries feature meat with tomato, onion, garlic, ginger, yogurt and spices: Shrimp or Fish ~ 13.5 | Chicken ~ 10.5 | Beef ~ 12 Lamb or Bone-In Goat 12.5 | Soya ~ 10
Roghan Josh- A medium spicy curry with a thick sauce. Topped with tomatoes that are cooked in butter Lamb or Bone-In Goat ~ 13.5 | Beef ~ 13.5 | Chicken ~ 12.5
Vindaloo - An extremely hot curry from Goa. Cooked with red chilies, lemon juice and potato - Chicken ~ 13 | Lamb or Bone-In Goat ~ 14 | Beef ~ 13 | Shrimp ~ 13.75
Sabji Gosht - A delicious medium-spiced curry cooked with an assortment of vegetables and fenugreek leaves-Shrimp ~13.50 Chicken ~12.75 | Lamb or Bone-In Goat ~13.75 | Beef ~13.75
Biryani Dishes - A northern dish, with basmati rice fried with vegetables, meat or shrimp and cooked with coconut, mace, nutmeg and spices with fresh cucumber and tomato: Shrimp ~ 16 | Beef ~ 15 | Chicken ~ 15 | Lamb or Bone-In Goat ~ 16.5 Vegetable or Mushroom ~ 13.5
Madras - A popular southern Indian dish cooked with red chili and lemon juice, fairly hot: Fish ~ 14 | Chicken, Beef, Lamb or Bone-In Goat ~ 13.5
Saag- A popular East Indian curry with fresh spinach and spices- Shrimp ~ 13.5 | Chicken or Beef ~ 12.5 | Lamb or Bone-In Goat ~ 13.5 | Soya ~ 10.5
Bhoona - A delicious medium spicy curry with extra onion, bell pepper and tomato. It’s thick sauce gives it a distinctive taste, flavoured with fenugreek leaves -Shrimp or Fish ~ 13.5 | Chicken ~ 12 | Lamb or Bone-In Goat ~ 13.5 Beef ~ 12.5 | Soya ~ 10
Korma - A spiced, creamy, mild curry cooked with yogurt, cream, coconut and sugar. Garnished with sliced almonds and fried onions: Shrimp ~ 13.5 | Chicken ~ 12.5 | Lamb or Bone-In Goat ~ 13.5 | Beef ~ 13.5 | Soya ~ 11
Dansak- A hot sweet & sour curry with lentils, cream, fenugreek leaves, and fresh lemon: Shrimp ~ 14 | Soya ~ 11.5 | Chicken, Beef, Lamb or Bone-In Goat ~ 13.5
Shrimp Phatia - A fairly hot, sour and sweet Persian-style curry, cooked with extra onion, bell peppers, fenugreek leaves, coconut, lemon juice and spices ~ 14
Beef or Lamb with Mushroom - A medium curry is cooked with fresh mushrooms and many spices ~ 14.5
Methi Gosht -A spicy beef curry with onion, fenugreek leaves and spices ~ 14.5
Butter Chicken - A mild flavoured dish of smoked chicken roasted in the tandoor, cooked with clarified butter, yogurt, cream, coconut and sugar. Garnished with sliced almonds and fried onions ~ 13.5
Chicken Tikka Masala - Marinated chicken roasted in the tandoor, cooked in our tandoori sauce with homemade yogurt and spices ~ 14
Chicken Moghlai - An ancient classic. Moderately spiced smoked chicken, cooked with extra tomato, bell pepper, saffron and spices ~ 14
Chicken Jalfrezi - An exceptional, spicy delicacy with a flavor of hot pepper and coconut chicken, with tomato, coconut and fresh coriander ~ 13.5
Lamb Du Pyaza - Cooked with fenugreek leaves, medium-spiced and garnished with diced onions sautéed in clarified butter ~ 14
Karhai Lamb or Beef - An exceptional delicacy, served in a sizzling mini-wok. Spiced meat in a thick sauce with cubed potato ~ 14
Kashmiri Chicken - Chicken curry cooked with pineapple, banana, apricots, pitted dates and cream. Garnished with sliced almonds and fried onions ~ 14
***All tandoori dishes are served with rice and salad.
Chicken Tandoori -Marinated bone in chicken with twelve spices and herbs in homemade natural yogurt ~ 16.5
Chicken Tikka - Cubes of boneless chicken marinated in a variety of aromatic spices ~ 16.5
Boti Kebab - Tender lamb marinated in spiced yogurt, flavoured with delicate spices and roasted on skewers ~ 18
Shahi Seekh Kebab - Cubes of beef marinated in creamy tandoori sauce flavoured with delicate spices ~ 17
All paneer dishes ~ 11.5
Saag Paneer -Leaf spinach cooked with homemade cheese and spices
Saag Mattar Paneer - A combination of spinach, peas and homemade cheese
Mattar Paneer - Homemade cheese cooked with green peas and spices
Paneer Malai Curry - Homemade cheese cooked with baked potato, spices & cream
Paneer Tikka Massala - Homemade cheese in a rich dish with yogurt, tomato, fenegreek leaves, cream and exotic spices
Paneer Jalfrezi - An exceptional, spicy delicacy of home-made cheese simmered in hot pepper, tomato, coconut & coriander
Shahi Paneer - A fairly hot, creamy, decadent paneer dish with tomatoes, garlic, fennel and our special black cumin
Mixed Vegetables A mild curry dish with potato, carrots, cabbage, celery,lima beans and peas cooked with onion, garlic, ginger, yogurt and spices ~ 8.5
Tarka Daal - Puree of red lentils cooked in sautéed garlic and spices ~ 7.5
Chana Masala - A moderately spiced curry of organic chick peas, with selected spices and herbs with fenugreek leaves ~ 10
Vegetable Saambar- Mixed vegetable curry cooked with extra red chilies, lentils, coconut, fenugreek leaves and lemon juice. Fairly hot and sour! ~ 9.5
Aloo Mattar - Traditional vegetable curry cooked with green peas and potato ~ 9.5
Mushroom Bhaji - Fresh mushrooms cooked with onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes and spices ~ 9.5
Saag Aloo - Fresh leaf spinach and potato cooked with onions, garlic, ginger and spices ~ 9
Aloo Gobi - Cauliflower and potato cooked with fenugreek leaves and spices ~ 10.5
Aloo Begun - Baked eggplant, potato spices ~ 9.5
Palok Aloo Begun- Baked eggplant and potato cooked with garlic, chopped spinach and spices ~ 10
Aloo Choley- Traditional Indian curry cooked with organic chick peas and potato with spices ~ 10
Chana Bhoona- Organic chick peas cooked with extra onions, green peppers, tomatoes and spices ~ 10
Bombay Potato - Baked potato cooked with fenugreek leaves and spices ~ 9.5
One Person
- A -
Onion Bhaji | Chicken Bhoona
Mixed Vegetable Curry | Palao Rice or Naan
Papadum & Dessert | 30.50
- B -
Onion Bhaji |Lamb Bhoona
Mixed Vegetable Curry
Palao Rice or Naan
Papadum | Dessert | 32.00
- C --
Pakura | Aloo Gobi
Tarka Daal
Palao Rice or Naan
Papadum | Dessert

-- Darbar Special --
Mulligatawny Soup
Onion Bhaji
Shrimp Bhoona or
Chicken Korma
Mixed Vegetable Curry
Darbar Rice |Naan Bread
Papadum |Pickles, Chutney
Dessert |41.50
Two Persons
-- AA --
Shami Kebab & Onion Bhaji
Chicken Tandoori
Shrimp Curry
Mixed Vegetable Curry
Palao Rice | Naan Bread & Papadum
Dessert | 59.00
-- BB --
Seekh Kebab & Onion Bhaji
Butter Chicken
Lamb Bhoona
Mixed Vegetable Curry
Palao Rice | Naan Bread
Papadum | Dessert | 55.50

- CC --
Pakura & Samosa Saag Paneer
Vegetable Biryani Mixed Vegetable Curry
Tarka Daal | Chapati
Papadum | Dessert | 53.50

- Maharajah Special -
Mulligatawny Soup
Appetizer Platter
Large Shrimp Bhoona
Chicken Korma
Lamb Du Pyaza
Vegetable Biryani
Naan Bread & Papadum
Pickles, Chutney | Dessert
Gulab Jamun -An Indian delicacy, fried milk balls in cardamom flavoured syrup- 4.50
Borfi- A dry pastry made from homemade cream cheese,coconut and butter. Flavoured with cardamom and pistachios -5.00
Kulfi -A homemade ice cream, flavoured with mangoes and pistachios -5.00
Mixed Dessert -An assortment of desserts including, Gulab Jamun, Borfi, Kulfi, Rosh Malai -9.50
Rosh Malai - Unsalted homemade cheese balls cooked in milk and pistachio flavoured syrup -5.50



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