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At Darbar each dish is unique, created specifically for each diner with the time-honoured traditions of fine Indian cuisine, we appreciate your patience while we perfect your order.

Please feel free to request milder or hotter flavouring, according to your tastes, and please inform us of any special dietary requirements when you place your order.

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Delivery is free (over $45, excluding tax), or you can pick up your order and save 10% off the bill (Not applicable for lunch specials)

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Did you Know...
Our Tandoor oven is fired with natural charcoal
We use cholesterol-free cooking oil
We do not use MSG, nor do we use preservatives
We use no animal fat in any of our dishes

We use only natural herbs and spices for our flavourings

We use all garden-fresh vegetables, and some of our legumes are organic
We use fresh - not frozen - meats, that are 95% lean
We use all white chicken meat in our chicken dishes

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Curious About Some of Our Flavourings?
An ancient spice, the leaves of which are eaten as a popular vegetable all over India. One of the most powerful Indian spices.
Star Anise
The fruit of a tree of the magnolia family, Star Anise is similar in flavour to aniseed, but has a more pronounced aromatic sweet taste.
The Tamarind tree is an evergreen and its pods are sometimes called the "Indian date." The pulp from the pods is used as a flavouring for its sweet, sour, fruity aroma and taste. At Darbar, we use it in our onion bhaji and our samosas.
The purest form of butter-fat, Ghee is made by converting full cream milk into yogurt and then churning this to separate the solid butter from the liquid buttermilk. The butter is then melted to separate the sediment from the clear, golden Ghee.
Kalonji or Nigella
Kalonji is the dried seed-like fruit of a small herb that grows in the Middle East, Southern Europe, and throughout India. It has a faint nutty, bitter taste and goes beautifully with fish, in naan bread and in salads.
A member of the ginger family, turmeric grows best in a tropical climate. Turmeric, the spice is teh underground root or rhizome of the plant. One of the most traditional and versatile of spices used in Indian cooking, tumeric is the very heart and soul of any Indian curry.

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